The fight for and against SEO

Generally, SEO is considered to be a type of Internet marketing. It is not a very traditional one, but it is gaining more and more speed these days. SEO may have different forms. It can be optimization in the image search, in the video search, news or other things like local search. You can also concentrate your efforts on different words or phrases which you want be related to your site. Usually these words are highly popular and commonly searched for and the competition is very severe. That’s why people need optimization. And while it is good for the merchants, the search engines are usually strongly against these methods. They try to improve their algorithms so that optimizators will not be able to change the results they are generating. Both sides are constantly trying to cheat each other, to hide their methods so that the other side will not know what actions to take. But one can say that after all search engines are in a better positions because, after all, they can easily make whatever changes they want, good or bad.

However, web masters can try and avoid all the berriers, that Google and other search engines place in fromt of them. Here are 6 steps that every webmaster take to achieve their goal in making their (or their client’s) website more popular:

The fact that more and more people are starting to use optimization makes the whole point of it a little useless. Optimizators start competing not only with the search engines and with the other sites, but with each other as well. This makes their services more expensive and only the richest companies will able to pay great amounts of money for it.

Still, SEO has many positive sides, too. There are often people with good intentions that want to promote their ideas, like the NGOs, for example. They cannot fight with the strong competition of the commercial sites and they need other methods to gain popularity. If it is not for SEO, they will never be able to reach the people that share the same ideas and vision.

Although SEO is considered to be very difficult and complex job, everybody can learn to do it. There are really a lot of things to be taken into consideration and to be careful for, but one can easily make a small optimization of his site so that it will have a better position. For more information you can check some videos or other blogs about SEO optimization like this:

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