Meaning, advantages and disadvantages of SEO optimization

When it comes to SEO many people can’t really understand the true meaning of it. There are different interpretations of it but in the end it always comes to one thing: making your website more visible by improving it’s position in different search engines. Genereally, all these actions are concentrated mainly in one search engine: Google. This is so, because it is by far the most popular and commonly used search engine in the world. This makes it very appealing to owners of web sites and thus to SEO optimizarots.

There are different things to be taken into consideration when you are making different optimizations. You have to make a very thorough research beforehand to see how search engines work, what exactly are people looking for and how are they typing their requests, what are the habits of your potential clients, etc. But this is just one side of optimization. Most of the efforts you make must be focused on making your own site more attractive to both the search engine and to the users. This is a very complex and time consuming work but the good side is that once you’re done with it you won’t have to deal with it anymore.

Here is an exampe of how Google works:

A lot of people argue whether SEO optimization is a good or a bad thing. On one hand there are the people who say that these actions change the results in Google and thus make them useless to many users. Their strongest argument is that the sites that use optimization, i.e. those who are in the first positions, are simply those who can afford to pay sometimes great amount of money for these services.

On the other hand are the defenders of SEO who say that improve the results of Google because not always its algorithms can make a difference between a good and a bad site. Moreover, optimization is concentrated in those fields that have a lot of search requests which means that people can actually find what they are looking for.

Eventually, it is up to everyone of us whether we will choose this way and up to the policy of the search engines.

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